Our smartphones can do a number of things, so much so that they’ve become an all-in-one gadget that can appease our every wish or need.
While you may know that our smartphones can scan barcodes, what you may not know is that scanning these barcodes can log data, save you money and provide nutritional information to help you stay healthy.
How? Well our handy How to guide is here to tell you.

Scan barcodes to save money and get the best deals

If you have a record collection, stack of unread books or just want to organise your household items, handy app Barcode & Inventory Pro is a comprehensive inventory management app for your Android smartphone. Simply scan your items and export the list to Google Drive, Excel or email – automatic organisation.

Barcode & Inventory Pro is £1.61 and available for Android.
Everyone loves a good bargain and nobody wants to pay over the odds, so if you’re out shopping and spot something you want, make sure you have RedLaser on hand. The free app scans the barcode of the product and delivers the cheapest place you can buy it from – bargain hunting made easy.
RedLaser is free for Android and iOS.

Scan barcodes to stay healthy

Trying to lose weight and stay healthy takes a lot of determination, with apps like My Fitness Pal helping you to stay on top thanks to its calorie tracking. But it also has a barcode scanning utility embedded into its programme which pulls up nutritional information about food items, along with calculating your daily allowance should you choose to consume it – free and easy fitness.
My Fitness Pal is available for free for Android and iOS.